Mr George Hanna: Small Businesses in Nashville

Ustaaz Ashraf Fam and Ustaaz Yousief Yousief meet with Ustaaz George Hanna, one of the establishers of the Nashville Coptic community, to discuss Nashville history, starting a small business, and the future of the community.

04:00…Ustaaz George Hanna’s history in Nashville; the 25th anniversary of the first bus groups to Nashville

17:00…Rules in Nashville, TN for starting a business
Advice on Community colleges

20:00…Location and Traffic Importance
Lowe’s versus Home Depot
Yemenis supporting each other

25:00…Beginning a Business

26:00…Partnerships are like Marriages

Leases, Partnerships, and Employees

40:00…Social Media and Opinions in Nashville

52:00…Community Colleges: TSU and Nashville State
Community College is free in Tennessee

58:00…What is Experience?

1:00:00…Prisons and Undercover

1:05:00…Conclusions and Review

Thank you to Ustaaz George for his time, his support, and his expertise. We are so honored to have you.
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