Meet Steve Minucci – Nashville Tennessee Business Broker

Meet Steve Minucci
Nashville Tennessee Business Broker

Hi, my name is Steve Minucci and I’m with the Tennessee Valley Group, and we help people buy and sell small to medium-size market businesses in the State of Tennessee.

My name is Minucci so I am half Italian, believe it or not. And I really enjoy Italian culture. I have a great wife with three beautiful daughters who all love, fortunately, to cook Italian food and eat Italian food. And so we love to cook together.

I went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, which is a very small school up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My degree is in Industrial Technology, and I use that in working with businesses of all different types and sizes and shapes to help them to sell.

The one thing I really like about businesses brokerage is really helping people, because in essence that’s what it’s doing. You’re helping them to transition from one phase of life to something different.

And one of the best things that I can get as I did recently from a referral partner who said — a CPA firm said that, “You know thanks for taking such great care of my clients.”

One of the things that we really do with our clients first of all is just to make sure that there’s trust between us and a mutual respect. When you’re in that process of especially helping someone sell a business, you’re trying to bring together the attorneys and the CPAs, the buyer and the seller and bringing them together.

And there’s a verse actually in the Book of Proverbs that talk about many heads together make a better decision. And so I try to do that and help them move with the process. So that’s something that I think about a lot when I work with people.

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