Martin HD-28 Grand Ole Opry special edition played by Brad Sample | Gruhn Guitars, Nashville TN

We’re missing gathering at the Grand Ole Opry right now, so we’re paying a special tribute to this local treasure and all of the talented musicians who play there!

This new upgraded Martin has HD-28 model specifications. Check out the WSM 650 microphone intricately inlaid with pearl and abalone on the peghead face. On the pickguard in pearl inlay, you’ll find the inscription: “Grand Ole Opry since 1925.” This HD-28 carries a beautiful sound and comes with a molded hard case to carry this treasure. These are special edition guitars that celebrate two musical treasures: Martin guitars and the Grand Ole Opry.

Brad Sample, an Opry musician himself, visited our store a few weeks ago. In this video, Brad plays his song, “Pretty Baby.” We hope this brings some cheer and toe-tapping to your day.

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About the musician: Brad Sample has performed many times at the Grand Ole Opry and all around the country. His own style of raw country blues infused with rock now sets him apart as a solo artist. Check out @bradsample on Instagram and Facebook and listen to his original song “Pretty Baby” on his Spotify page:


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