Ice Storm Costly For Nashville Businesses

By Sky Arnold

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Melissa Perry’s flower shop Rosebuds spent three days closed this week because of the ice.

Perry says the losses will hurt.

“You start thinking it’s the end of the month, rent is due at the beginning of the month,” said Perry.

The same is true of many of Perry’s neighboring businesses in the Shoppes On Fatherland in East Nashville.

Blair White’s Eastside Music Company not only missed new customers but also existing ones that were scheduled to pick up instruments.

“Every day that we’re not open is a day we’re not making money,” said White.

Some of the shops were still closed Thursday morning and others were offering discounts to lure in customers.

The losses are being felt by businesses across Nashville this week.

Restaurants are especially seeing loses.

Roderick Bailey’s Silly Goose restaurant not only lost lunch and dinner customers during the two days it was closed but employees also had to throw out food.

“I had to throw a little seafood out probably a couple hundred bucks worth of seafood,” said Bailey.

It’s why re-opening Thursday morning was so important for business owners like Bailey and Perry.

They can’t afford another snow day.

“If I get one sale it means something for my business,” said Perry.

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