How To Start A Home Care Agency | Episode 1 – Getting Started 7 Key Steps

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So I have been asked about 100 times How To Start A Home Care Agency. In this video you will learn the seven basic steps to start a home care agency. I have recently moved to Florida and thought I might as well expand on my company and again start a home care agency… sharing the process from beginning to end right here on ENTP LIFE. My vision for this agency is to solve the problem of discharge planning to reduce hospital readmission’s and improve the quality of life for those who are chronically ill.

As this series progresses you will be exposed to everything you need to know to start a home care agency, my approach to business, and everything you will need to succeed in this industry.

For those of you thinking what is a home care agency the answer is quite simple. A home care agency is company that provides health care personnel in the homes of patients/clients in need of Nursing Care, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Assistance with Daily Living Activities, Companionship & Housekeeping. The industry is usually divided between skilled and unskilled professionals or as Medicaid and Medicare Agencies. The type of agency you start depends on your State’s regulations and the scope of services you plan to provide.

Join me on my journey of starting a home care agency and taking that company public. This is the life of an ENTP

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