Exotic Cars + LED Lighting = More Sales – Nashville, Tennessee

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“It made a gigantic difference in how we present the product. I believe our LED lighting definitely helped increase our sales.” – Brian Wallin, Partner – Velocity Motors, Nashville TN

There’s nothing quite like admiring the beauty of a Lamborghini Diablo glimmering under Energy Efficient LED Lighting. Actually, any exotic or rare car for that matter. Hey let’s face it, ANY NEW car looks great under spectacular lighting.

Brian hired Big Dot Lighting to improve the photo booth area of their exotic auto dealership just outside the Nashville Airport. Soon after, Brian and his business partner John knew that LEDs were the only technology that would provide the best lighting to display and sell their high-end inventory.

Prior to the install, Velocity Motors spent around 0-0 a month on their electrical utilities and are now saving an average of 0 a month. That’s just by switching to LED lighting in their 10,000 square foot space. Their HVAC system is breathing easier too since it’s not fighting the heat radiating from their old fluorescent fixtures.


Big Dot Lighting is a Nashville, Tennessee-based electrical contractor who’s main goal is to convert businesses to energy efficient LED lighting. In a world where people only see the success of corporate or personal brands, we aim to document our rise as a business in the exploding marketplace that is Nashville, Tennessee.

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