California to Nashville TN – Alfredo Malatesta

Thinking about moving to Tennessee? Need a little inspiration from someone who’s done it?

Check out my interview with Alfredo Malatesta who moved from Los Angeles to just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Alfredo discusses:

• Why his experiences as an immigrant inspired him to work hard, build a successful career in the music industry and set up his own business

• Why and how he relocated his business from Los Angeles, CA to Nashville, TN

• The things he loves most about his life in Tennessee, the people and the community he was welcomed into

• How he found the perfect home on several acres

Alfredo is the kind of person who inspires everyone he meets. If you don’t feel ready to make a move or if you are thinking of moving to Tennessee, this interview is worth watching.

If you are interested in learning more about the apparel and merchandising business that took Alfredo to Nashville:
Check out his website at
Email him at [email protected]

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