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Bookkeeping for construction companies: in this video, I show you one of the most efficient ways to do bookkeeping for your construction company. This video is geared to small construction companies—my next one will be for large construction companies. I know that most small construction companies don’t want to spend a lot on bookkeeping, and this video is geared toward contractors who fit in that category.

I have a simple, quick way of doing the books for anyone in the construction industry. With the method I reveal in this video, all you have to do is tell your CPA or bookkeeper what you want out of your bookkeeping and he or she will be able to easily plug in variables to add to the simple bookkeeping for contractors concept I’m introducing here, according to your needs and desires.

I’m a CPA who works a lot with construction companies. I do bookkeeping, tax work, workers comp audits, financial statements and so forth. But what I enjoy doing the most is the bookkeeping because, frankly, a lot of construction companies’ books are a complete mess and I like to clean them up, show them the best way to go about doing their bookkeeping and have them understand the statements that they are looking at. I feel that they get a whole lot out of that.

Through trial and error, I’ve come up with the best and most efficient way to produce understandable financial statements at an affordable rate. This can be done fairly quickly by a competent CPA.

In my case, I have a bookkeeper I use a lot so I’m able to charge very affordable rates—I just review the bookkeeper’s work all the way through, which I can do pretty quickly, and that’s how I’m able to charge very reasonable rates.

In the video, I quickly run through a case study of a hypothetical construction company to show you how simple and easy it is to organize your construction company’s bookkeeping using my method.

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