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Bookkeeping mistakes to avoid (http://www.evanhcpa.com): from small businesses to large corporations, bookkeeping is an integral part of any venture. The job of bookkeeping might not be the most alluring profession, but it is necessary to keep a business running smoothly. Committing even the smallest errors can cost a company greatly. In this video, Evan Hutcheson CPA has provided a list of common bookkeeping mistakes to avoid.

Here are some common errors that add up in bookkeeping and cost your company: not saving receipts less than ; forgoing the tracking or reimbursable expenses; improper classification of your employees; failing to keep backup files in case of emergencies; insufficient communication between bookkeeping staff; insisting on doing the bookkeeping yourself. These common mistakes can and should be avoided.

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Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid
Common Bookkeeping Mistakes
Bookkeeping Mistakes
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