10 Worst Neighborhoods in Nashville.

10 Worst Neighborhoods in Nashville.

Tennessee is a great state filled to the rim with good people. But, like every place on the planet, you got some spots you don’t want to call home you can help it.
Before we get started. Is Nashville a horrible place? No, not at all. It doesn’t have crime like Chicago, Poverty like Detroit, or Homeless like SF. This video is comparing the neighborhoods in Nashville to themselves using statistics and the national average. We aren’t going by local legend, reputation, or opinion. If you ask 100 locals of any city what the worst neighborhood is, you’ll get 50 different answers.

This video is made for people that are thinking about relocating to Nashville and not the locals. Because of that, we use the actual name of the place that they can find on a map. If you want to know what the locals call it, check the comment section of this video, you’ll see 5 different answers.
This videos should be a starting point for anyone thinking about moving to Nashville, Tennessee.
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